Better training decisions.
Better training.
Better progress.


Better training decisions.

Better training.
Better progress.


A suite of tools and support to help you design, deliver, and execute the best powerlifting preparation possible.


Coaching Dashboard

Early Access. Monitor performance, training load, subjective feedback and more. Focus your attention where it makes the biggest impact.

Program Builder

Early Access. Build training that is delivered directly into the athlete's training log.  Target weights calculated and adjusted based on performance.

Office Hours

Live small-group meetings with experts.  Coaches, Nutritionists, Sports Psychologists, Biomechanists, Physical Therapists, Researchers, and more!

Program Library

Over a hundred programs -- real strategies used to develop real athletes.  Easily modified and deployable.  New programs presented each month.

Premium Reports

Advanced reports designed to provide actionable information... So you can write more effective training plans.

Community Support

A private network of like-minded coaches and athletes all speaking the same language and being useful to each other.  Exclusive content, Q&As, specific answers, and more.

"This is an absolutely ridiculous amount of support; all aimed at improving your training process and outcome."

-- Mike Tuchscherer, founder of RTS

You can't assume good choices are only what's written on the program.

There are dozens of other decisions that matter. And they have a tendency to stack up.

The more things you get right, the further you go.

In the past eras of powerlifting, this decision-making knowledge was passed down from lifter to lifter through gym culture. Inefficient as it was, it can be even more difficult now.
Creating this type of gym culture was part of our initial motivation for start the RTS Training Lab. But it's evolved into so much more.

Overcome uncertainty with better information and experienced support.


All coaches face tough decisions.  Whether it's helping an athlete navigate a troublesome injury, deciding whether to increase volume, whether to move down a weight class... Decisions are easier with a sounding board of experienced coaches and experts.

The RTS Training Lab is a place to brainstorm your next block or get idea generation for a difficult client. Discuss anything from deadlift cues to organizing your training metrics, to coaching soft skills and training mindset.

Whether you are a professional coach working alone or are self-coached, we've designed this training lab with you in mind.


Coaching tools, information, and support; all designed and used by experienced coaches and athletes.  Always being improved and developed -- just like you.

Need help from a physiotherapist? A nutritionist? A sports psychologist? We got you covered.

Take a look inside the training lab!  Click the picture for a YouTube video.

Inside the private lab, you'll get

  • Coaching Dashboard:  A place to monitor your athlete's training in one place that collects, organizes, and tracks various training metrics.  Logging compliance, E1RM trends, gain/loss rates for all lifts, stress index, and more all from one screen.
  • Program Builder: Write and deploy training for your lifters and yourself.  Custom exercises, personalized protocols, and even target weights that can be calculated for the athlete.
  • Program Library: Over a hundred programs already available.  New strategies developed monthly.
  • Premium reporting: Dissect athlete data in more ways.  Optimize programs quicker, in a data-centric way.
  • Live meetings with our staff coaches who are available for multiple weekly office hours in a variety of time zones. No appointment required.
  • Access to office hours and guest lectures from industry professionals on topics like biomechanics, injury management, velocity-based training, sports psychology, equipped lifting, and more. 
  • Your questions are answered rapidly via a private social network.
  • The opportunity to connect, train and chat with other training lab members and industry peers.

My Name is Chris, and I am both a powerlifting coach and a self coached lifter.  I have been using the RTS training lab for the last 4 months and it has helped to elevate both my lifters progress and my own progress. Having a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, or a place to go with problems or challenges I have with athletes has been great as it can either confirm what I already have been thinking, or open up other solutions that I may not have thought about. It has also helped bring some creativity to my own coaching and program writing. For my own training I have been lucky enough to have input into my own training from some of the worlds leading coaches and has really helped me elevate my own performance.

"In my third year as a client, what I find most impressive about the Reactive Training Systems team is that they are always looking for ways to better serve their clients – whether it be improving the current toolset or building something brand new. The RTS Training Lab is the latest iteration of this, and it is excellent. The Coaching Dashboard is easily the best tool I’ve used as a powerlifting coach – far superior to spreadsheets – it is a centralized place where I can monitor athlete progress, deploy training programs, and access the RTS Program Library for inspiration. The live meetings, which occur several times a week with RTS coaches and various subject matter experts, are a great place to get feedback as both an athlete and a coach on topics ranging from training to nutrition to recovering from injury. The product delivers value far in excess of what it costs, and I’d recommend it to any serious powerlifting athlete or coach!"

-Gary Smith

 "Since joining RTS, I've found that I am looking at my training with a much more open mind. I regularly attend the office hours and get to connect with folks from all around the world who all have different training and lifestyle backgrounds. This is super helpful because you hear so many different perspectives not just in training but in life too. There is a real sense of community on these calls.

Mighty Network allows for you to connect with more than just your coach, you have access to all of the coaches and anyone who is a member. I always look forward to the coaching call to hear how things are going with everyone and hear about their training journey. There is a balanced level of accountability that comes with this to push and learn from your training and others. RTS continues to innovate and find ways for people to connect and push each other. I'm grateful to be a part of it."

Jonathan Marrale, LEED AP BD+C | LFA

 "The RTS Training Lab has benefited my training experience as a whole, providing the opportunity to gain the knowledge and expertise of multiple coaches as well as other professionals in relevant fields, such as sports psychology and rehabilitation in training. It has offered me a lot more autonomy in my own training, as well as providing a feeling of community with individuals pursuing the same goals!"

Darren Liu


Memberships start at $35 / mo

 Self-coached lifter $35/month

Monitor up to 10 lifters $49/month

Monitor up to 20 lifters for $79/month

Monitor up to 30 lifters for $99/month

Monitor up to 50 lifters for $150/month

Monitor up to 100 lifters for $250/month